Restaurant & Snack Menu

Meal Salad

Bressane  12€

Seasonal saladine, chicken breast pickled with lemon, croutons, corn

Chevrette  12€

Seasonal salad, hot goats cheese, bacon, red onions,

Peasant  12€
Seasonal salad, chicken liver, gizzards, croutons,

Tomatoes  13€
Tomatoes, whole Burrata ball, basil, olive oil,


Chief Burger 12€

Buns, 140g steak, smoked belly, county, tomato, red onion, salad, burger sauce, fries, salads,

Beef Skewers 13€

Beef flank, fries, salads,

Chicken Skewers 13€

Marinated chicken steaks with lemon and chorizo, fries, salads,

Knuckle of porc 17€

Knucle of porc, fries, salad,

Giant beef Carpaccio  15€

Raw beef, parmesan, capers, basil, lemon, olive oil, fries, salad,



Plate "apéro"  10€

Following the mood, 2-3 pers,

Giant plate 25€

Following the mood, 6-8 pers,